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About akuyacoin

Smart Wallet

The smart wallet enables you to make use of cryptocurrency easier. You can buy sell or trade these coins instantly with the help of our smart wallet, which is specially designed to help you in your transactions.

Fast & Easy

At Akuya Coin, we make sure that all the transactions you make are easy to access and also ensure maximum security. We know the value of your time and we keep updating our website to enable the best user experience.

Stay in control

With the cryptocurrency you have we make sure that you are in total control of it. It is your cryptocurrency; we just ensure that they are safe in our smart wallet.

How It Works?

We at Akuya Coin, enable our customers’ easy access into the crypto world by providing services such as:

Create Wallet

TYou can create your own smart wallet with just a few simple steps. Just visit the site and we require some details to ensure the best service possible and then you can have your very own smart wallet.

Make Payment

Now with your newly acquired smart wallet, it gives you fast and easy access into the world of cryptocurrency where you can make easy payments in no time.

Buy & Sell

Cryptocurrency can even be used in real life cash where you can buy and sell goods at the standard even for international transactions and we give you the security you need to enable these transactions.

Crypto Wallet

What we offer

We also offer additional services to ensure your safety in the crypto world.

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Actionable Insights

With Akuya, you can also get insights about the crypto world, which can help you make sound decisions when it comes to your wallet.

Monitoring & Alerting

We also monitor your performance and give insights,  alert you of any new updates, which can help you with your currency.

Trading for Everyone

Cryptocurrency trading is risky and we Akuya Coin provides the users with a low-risk way of trading ensuring that trading is easy for everyone and can pay you well.

Peer to peer Network

We make sure that we keep in touch with peers who have knowledge about the crypto world; this access to peers enables us to give the best advice when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Technical Support

If you have any doubts about Akuya Coin or having difficulty in accessing the website, Contact us, we respond immediately.

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