Who is the creator of Bitcoin (BTC)?

who is satoshi

10 years passed since the publication of the white paper presenting the Bitcoin project, and its functioning. The author of this amazing technology, known under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto has still not revealed his true identity.

No one seems to know who he is, but instead, everyone seems to have an idea, but no definite evidence exists at the moment. John Mcafee recently stated that he would reveal Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity if he did not speak for himself!

Who knows his or her true identity?

No one has succeeded in proving that he knows the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto to date! However, many people wanted to believe that they knew the famous Satoshi Nakamoto.

In this ever-increasing array of hypotheses, it is amusing to observe the craziest schemes that have been developed to find our famous Satoshi.

Joshua Davis analyzes nearly 80,000 words written by Satoshi Nakamoto online and analyzes them using cryptographic keys. As a result, he suspected Michael Clear, a cryptography student at Trinity College Dublin, or the Finnish economist Vili Lehdonvirta. Nothing conclusive because both have publicly stated that they are not at the origin of Bitcoin!

A group of linguist students from Aston University also analyzed Satoshi Nakamoto’s writings, and they think that Satoshi Nakamoto is Nick Szabo, the latter claimed not to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

Let’s dive into a survey together that has now been unanswered for 10 years!

Signal loss since 2010. The person acting under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto was active on the Internet between 2008 and 2010, he or she published the Bitcoin White Paper in November 2008 through a specialized cryptography newsletter entitled Cryptography mailing list. Then, in 2009, the same Satoshi released the version of the Bitcoin Core blockchain, still used today to run Bitcoin. He worked with others to develop Bitcoin but was careful never to reveal his true identity! In 2010-2011 his trace was definitively lost, Satoshi Nakamoto indicating in a last message “move on,” since then, the mystery remains intact!

Was he Japanese?

Satoshi means in Japanese: “sharp mind, the wise man”; Naka, inside; Moto: The origin. Everything suggests that the pseudonym has been carefully thought out by a person of Japanese descent, but we cannot draw any correct conclusions as to the origin of this person! We don’t even know if it’s a man or a woman. Perhaps it could also be a group of people acting under the same pseudonym!

In the end, there is no certainty as to who is behind Satoshi Nakamoto, but do we at least know something about him?

An analysis by Sergio Lerner, a Bitcoin expert, explains that Satoshi mined many of the first Bitcoins, accumulating a fortune of about 1 million Bitcoins. At the current price of $9,000, this represents a fortune of $9 billion!


Do we know what he is doing today?

No, still not, in his last message as Satoshi explained that he was moving on and was confident about the Bitcoin project because he was in good hands with Gavin Andresen and the entire team involved in the development of Bitcoin.